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Thomas Fothergill Lightfoot, Born: Derby Terrace, Nottingham in England, on 4 March 1831, the son of Robert Lightfoot, a lace manufacturer, and his wife, Hannah Fothergill.  Educated: Nottingham Grammar School; and at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury (1854-1857; Honorary Fellow, 1883). Married: 1861, to his cousin Anna Ellen Fothergill. [She died on board the ship Syria, at sea, on 31 May 1874.] 1878, to Eleanor Gertrude le Gros, the daughter of James le Gros, of Liverpool. [She died in 1905.]

He was deacon in the Chapel Royal, Whitehall by the Bishop of London for service in the colonies, 1857, and Priest, 1859, by the Metropolitan Bishop of Cape Town, the Most Revd Robert Gray. He was a printer and newspaper reporter. "[He left school] rather early to be apprenticed to the printer of the Nottingham Journal. Here he learnt printing, and then short-hand.

In addition to the hard work, often with late hours, of getting the paper out on time, Lightfoot attended choir practice and taught in Sunday school". Pierce-Jones arrived at the Cape, 13 April 1858. Missionary Curate of St. George's Cathedral parish (1858-1870); Assistant Colonial Chaplain, Cape Town (appointed 16 July 1864); Missionary Canon of St. George's Cathedral from 1870, Colonial Chaplain, and Priest-in-charge of St. Paul's, Bree Street (1880-1904); Archdeacon of the Cape instituted 11 December 1885, and Vicar-General  from 1888-1889, 1893-1894, 1897, and 1901, all in the city and diocese of Cape Town.

Sub-Warden, Guild of St. Agnes, Cape Town. Awarded the Lambeth degree of Bachelor of Divinity, 1879. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, South African Library, from 1893. Representative of the diocese of Cape Town at the Provincial Missionary Conference held in Natal, October 1895. Editor, The Church News for South Africa (from 1866); and author of A Venture of Faith ... a Sermon (1887). Died: Cape Town, on 12 November 130 1904.


Vision Statement: St Paul’s Primary School strives to develop all stakeholders to press on towards excellence.

Mission Statement: The principals aim of the school is to educate our learners holistically so that they can make a positive contribution to their communities, society and environment. The core purpose and business of our school is to educate and teach our learners, this will lead to our learners becoming familiar to life-long learning. We will strive to imprint good values that will add value to our diverse cultures. We will press on to make a difference in the lives of other people.